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  1. Opinion and Advice: Best mage build graveyard and mausoleum

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    Full INT or INT/STR hybrid. I prefer INT/STR hybrid as I rely on Immortal Staff procs rather than damage itself and it works great.

    Fire - 4/5 - "Sorch" not required.
    Gale - 5/5
    Clock - 4/5 - "Time Bomb" upgrade not required.
    Shield - 4/5 - "Displacement Wave" not required."

    Passive: 5/5 armor, 5/5 INT, STR, DEX

    a. 10/10 shield
    b. 10/10 Gale

    Gale mastery removes
  2. Buying kershal vanity

    Kindly leave your ign here. Thank you.
  3. Pocket Legends in a nutshell

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    I'm too lazy to do this.
    Check post
  4. Pocket Legends Januari 2017 update in a level 15 perspective

    Weve had our biggest update in a long time and this update changed a lot of stuffs. In this post, I will summarise my thoughts of it and share my experiences from level 15 PVP.

    Everything is tradable

    Yup, everything is now tradable. It is a bit boring due the fact Ive spent a lot of time and money to get my vanities in order to obtain the perfect look (in my opinion). Now everyone could look like me with almost no effort. Overall, I think this is a good update for ...
    Pocket Legends
  5. i hope arcane legends the movie :))

    I hope sts make a film about the arcane legends the movie
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