12-24-2011 07:00 PM Lvl 10-12 deathmatch tourney!

8 Team Single Elimination Tournament - In Progress

Hey guys!
Alliance is hosting a twink tourney and would like to invite all the lvl 10-12 twinks to join!

No. of teams: 8
Description: Level 10-12 team deathmatch PVP tournament in Forest Fight

~Go to the Competition section and create your team (please keep everything clean, thanks)
~Have the rest of your team join on the forums.
~have your team join here!
  1. The teams must be registered.
  2. The match will be held in the Forest Fight! map.
  3. Beginning the match before both sides agree to go will void the match.
  4. Games must be passworded and agreed to be official by both teams.
  5. Proof of the match will be submitted to the forums under this thread. If unable to capture a screen shot, the opposing team must verify the match.
  6. Quitting an official match once started will result in a forfeit.
  7. The matches must be finished and captured within 7 days of the previous' UNLESS the team absolutely cannot make the date, then a reschedule will be made.

~200k from silent
~crystalline set from phoenix
~2 blacksmith armors from noob


The deadline is going to be when we get 8 teams

Tournament Details

Type Team Single Elimination
Status In Progress
Free Slots 0
Total Slots 8
Minimum Team Members 1
Maximum Team Members 999
Created 11-12-2011 04:21 PM
Created By Ayc2000
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Tournament Results

Round 1

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