12-02-2011 07:00 PM The Furiors 5 Capture the Flag End Game Tournament

4 Team Single Elimination Tournament - In Progress

Furious Five Capture the Flag End Game Tournament!

Hello, to the great and glorious Pocket Legends community! I am introducing a new capture the flag end game tournament that we'll really get you looking forward to! As most of you know the name Alwaysdtf or Absolutepally, recently created a capture the flag tournament for guilds for players that are levels 60-61. For this next tournament that I, along with many helpful friends are creating, we want to keep the fun events going and pass on alwaysdtf's community efforts. HOWEVER: THIS TOURNAMENT IS NOT GUILD BASED, BUT SIMPLY GATHERING A TEAM OF FIVE (5) AND GIVING ALL YOUR SKILLS TO DO WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN! Now I'm sure you would all like to see the rules and what not!

** The tournament will begin on December 21st, Winter Break!
**All team entries must be officially signed up by December 19th (December 20th if a last change is needed).

Requirements for the Tournament:

1. The player contestants must be anywhere from levels 65-66.
2. You may choose up to 5 players within this level range. One sub per team is allowed.
3. A team name must be chosen, as the bracket will have team names showing when they are advanced.
4. To be officially entered into the tournament you must sign up your team members with a team name in the following link below. (I'll provide a link when i have a bracket list)

**Tournament entries must be given to me (XghostzX IGN:cosmicXghost) or any players that are supporting the tournament such as my teammates, Trueplayer, and many others I'm sure who are willing to help by December 19th. Here is a link to setting up your team for the tournament: (I will have a link posted for this).

When to Play the your Matches:

1. All matches must have a scheduled time: any team that shows the least amount of effort into their matches will be disqualified.
2. A SCREENSHOT is required at the end of a match of the final score.
3. Have at least one member of BOTH teams--- if not, the winning team, to post the final score on this thread.
**Check out the progress of the tournament here (A link will be below for the tournament)


1. First team to capture the flag 10 wins-- as the tournament will be played at Castle Keep Away.
2. We will use the competition tracker to check on the tournaments' progress.
3. In order to qualify for all of this, if one or more members are not listed OFFICIALLY under the team name, you will not be considered a whole team.

Rules of the tournament:

1. Keep it clean-- be respect to all participants of the tournament.
2. Please refrain from swearing/cussing in the game: ESPECIALLY never directed towards any individual.
3. Both teams should have a "leader" before each match. Those leaders for both teams must say go in order for the match to officially begin.
4. Please stay in your spawn areas and don't "cheat" forward as it is tempting for both teams-- we need to keep this tournament as fair and fun as possible.
5. The first team to reach ten (10) will be victorious.
6. One member from the winning team should post a screenshot to this thread to verify their win. If any member from the winning team is unable to post a screen shot, **let the other team know before-hand if they can take a screen shot.**
7. All matches will be played on the same map: Castle Keep Away.
8. Spawn killing is not acceptable: is any player is found to be spawn killing in the opposing teams base, it will result in a disqualification.
9. Have fun and be flexible with all players. I understand finding a time is tough so use this thread to contact each other if needed, as I will help set up matches.


I'm still working on Dev support and I promise I'll make this happen! I will provide a grand prize if needed-- no donations, I want to keep this fun for you guys!

Other rules regarding the tournament:
1. There will be no entry fees: we want to make this as fun a tournament for all of you as possible!
2. Teams must be completely separate-- one member of a team may not be on another team. Subs can sub for any team but must stick to its first team after participating in that round match.


List of Teams Entered:

Now... go grab your team and do what it takes to become the next champion!

Tournament Details

Type Team Single Elimination
Status In Progress
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Total Slots 4
Minimum Team Members 1
Maximum Team Members 999
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Tournament Results

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