07-29-2011 07:00 PM Level 55+ Capture the Flag Tournament

16 Team Single Elimination Tournament - Finished


Level 55-56 Pocket Legends Capture the Flag PvP Tournament

July 30 to August 1

Grab your 55 or 56 character, load up your PvP gear and let's get ready to rumble!

How to Join:
* Get 4 friends to create a team of 5
* Log into the forums
* Go to the Competition section and create your team (please keep the names and slogans clean, thanks)
* Have your 4 other friends that are part of your team to log into the forums and join your team
* Join your team to the Tournament:

When to play
* Matches need to be played between now and August 1st.
* At the end of the match you MUST take a screencapture of the score
* Post the screencapture of the score of the match to the Tournament thread and I'll update the standings of the Tournament.

* We'll keep track of the tournament via the Competition tracker located at:

Grand Prize: 50 Platinum to each team member

Finalist and Semi-Finalists: The teams that make it through to the last rounds will get a pair of black antenna and fiery antenna to each team member.

Tournament Details

Type Team Single Elimination
Status Finished
Free Slots 0
Total Slots 16
Minimum Team Members 5
Maximum Team Members 8
Created 07-28-2011 03:23 PM
Created By Samhayne
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Comments 2

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