09-21-2011 02:00 PM End Game Guild Wars 5/5 CTF Tournament

16 Team Single Elimination Tournament - Finished


The End-Game Guild Wars CTF Tournament

No of Teams: 16
Type: Single Elimination
Description: Level 55-61 Pocket Legends Capture the Flag style, PvP Tournament

How to Join:
--Get 5 friends to create a team of 5 AND 1 SUB. All members must be posted, we don't want changing of teams/subs.
--Go to the Competition section and create your team (please keep the names and slogans clean, thanks)
--Have your 4 other friends that are part of your team to log into the forums and join your team
--Join your team to the Tournament:
--Registration will end at Noon, on Monday.

When to play
*Tournament will start Tuesday September 27th at 12:01 Central U.S time*
You will have until October 3rd at noon to complete your first round match.
--Matches need to be completed and a screencapture posted on the forums within 5 days of the previous; the team that shows the least effort in getting together for the match will be DSQ'd.
--At the end of the match you MUST take a screencapture of the score
--Post the screencapture of the score of the match to the Tournament thread.

First team to 10 wins the round and advances.
--We'll keep track of the tournament via the Competition tracker located at:
--We'll do our best to put teams from the same guild as far away as possible, or at least make sure you don't play your guild the very first round

--For the finalist team, 100 plat per team member. The sub will receive the same prize.
--For both the finalists and semi-finalists, Orange Antennae.

**Please only two teams per guild MAX, unless this does not fill up by (September 27)**
**We have waived the entrance fee, in interest of getting this thing going, 100 plat is more than enough, eh?**
**Teams must be 100% separate(can't have a player play on both teams), but subs may sub for more than one team. Subs may only play for one team per round. Meaning yoy may nit use the same sub two times on two different teams per round.**

Good luck.

Tournament Details

Type Team Single Elimination
Status Finished
Free Slots 0
Total Slots 16
Minimum Team Members 4
Maximum Team Members 6
Created 09-21-2011 07:03 PM
Created By Alwaysdtf
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