10-31-2011 10:30 AM I Best Bird: 1/1 56+ Avian Tournament

32 Player Single Elimination Tournament - Finished


"I BEST BIRD" Tournament. (BIRDS ONLY)

No of Participants: 32
Type: 1/1 Single Elimination Best of Three
Description: Level 56-61 Pocket Legends 1/1 Bird PvP Tournament
Forest Fight

How to Join:
--Register your bird on forums by entering yourself in the list of tournaments under competition section here:

--Write in this post your Level, Forum name, and In Game Name.

When to play:

--Tournament will begin when 32 birds have officially registered. You will have several days to find your match with the opponent the bracket generator randomly matches you up against.
Matches need to be completed and a screen capture posted on the forums within 7 days of the previous; You need 2 winning screen shots per match to advance, they must be uploaded here.


--We'll keep track of the tournament via the Competition tracker.
--First Avian to successfully win 2 rounds vs. the opponent wins. To win a match you must defeat your opponent 10 times, the player that wins twice advances to the next round.


1) Keep it clean.
2) Beginning the match before both sides are accounted for and agree to go will void the match.
3) Games must be passworded and agreed to be official by both parties.
4) There will be no rushing, both players must wait for the other to be ready and say go after each fight including the first.
5) The match must go to ten regardless of the opponents score, quitting an official match once started will result in a forfeit, thus a loss for that match.
6) All matches must be played on the same map which is Forest Fight.
7) Birds only, Int, Str, and Dex classes are allowed but must be avian.

TBH Announced.

Tournament Details

Type Single Elimination
Status Finished
Free Slots 0
Total Slots 32
Created 10-31-2011 03:45 PM
Created By Alwaysdtf
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